The Danube Region Tourism Sector

To promote culture and tourism, people to people contact

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region can contribute to EU objectives, reinforcing major EU policy initiatives, especially the Europe 2020 strategy. It supports sustainable growth, aiming to reduce energy consumption, increase the use of renewable energies, modernise the transport sector by making it more environmentally friendly and more efficient, and to promote ‘green’ tourism. It helps remove internal market bottlenecks and improves the business environment. Historically, the Danube Region has been particularly affected by turbulent events, with many conflicts, movements of population and undemocratic regimes. However, the fall of the Iron Curtain and EU enlargement provide an opportunity for a better future.

Danube Region specifics

As the most international river basin in the world, the Danube features numerous touristic and heritage highlights. These include world class cities along the Danube River as well as attractive landscapes. In terms of history and culture, people throughout the Danube region have a shared heritage. As appropriate, the strategy should use these ties as levers to promote further cultural and civil society cooperation.

The Danube Region also has many opportunities. It has many areas of outstanding natural beauty. It has a rich history, heritage and culture. There are creative ideas, and a quality labour force. For example, a modern tourism offer and infrastructure must be put up through Danube’s striking cultural, ethnic and natural diversity, the rich environmental assets should be sustainably preserved and restored. Related at least in part to culture and heritage, tourism is making an increasingly significant contribution to growth in the region. Sustainability should overall be an important criterion in developing tourism in the region. The areas of developing tourism, tourism infrastructure and improving tourism services, cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue are typically inter-related topics. They benefit particularly from the integrated approach the strategy brings.

In line with the objectives set out in the Communication from the EU Commission on tourism “Europe, the world’s no.1 tourist destination”, the EU Strategy for the Danube Region emphasis the role of the tourism sector as one of the priority areas that can make significant contribution to growth in the region. The implementation of this priority can also facilitate the tourism development potential in the whole Danube region through the development of joint touristic products and promotional policy.

Danube Alliance Magazine No. 3 – June-September 2011

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