Number 5: Danube Business Forum 5

Danube Alliance Magazine

Number 5 / January-February-March 2012


Building Blocks of Common Understanding

Focus: Bulgaria-Romania 5 Years

Danube Region

The fifth issue of the Danube Alliance Magazine focuses on the 5 years since the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the European Union and their role and commitment in promoting the European values and principles.
The magazine also presents the state of play of the implementation process of EU Strategy for the Danube Region, with reference to the latest outcomes from the meetings of the National Contact Points, Priority Area Coordinators and the key stakeholders from the Danube Region.
Moreover, focus is put on the regions of Europe with an important potential of contributing to the revival of the European Union and the development of European macro-regions by increasing social, economic and cultural interdependencies in the Danube Region.


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