Number 3: Danube Business Forum 3

Danube Alliance Magazine

Number 3 / June-September 2011, special issue


Danube Partners in Action

Flagship Projects 2011 – 2013

The third number of the Danube Alliance Magazine is a special issue dedicated to the tourism industry. You can read an overview of the European Tourism Industry from the European Commission perspective, as well as the actions planned within the framework of the EUSDR for promoting the Danube region as a high quality tourism destination.
The section “Danube Agenda 2011″ presents the relevant events that took place along the Danube from June to September.
Baden-Wurttemberg is the special guest of this issue with a presentation of the land from the economic and cultural point of view.>br />
Also featured is a panorama of the most important educational institutions in the Danube Region gathered in the Danube Academic Network.


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