A successful strategy requires integration. Focus on partnerships


When we look at our past it is a free imperial city, which was also the seat of the Princess of Bayern. A few decades ago, the image of our city was that of bankruptcy, few jobs, investors have just deleted us from their list. But today thinks are different, they are entirely the opposite. But we wouldn’t have achieved what we have achieved today if 50 years ago we wouldn’t have adopted the correct strategy. Right through the 19th century, and beginning of the 20th, Regensburg was one of the poorest city in Germany.

A successful strategy, even the economists say, requires integration. The integration of external opportunities and internal skills. External opportunities were the foundation of our educational system and the foundation of automotive industry and we found that with this we have a dynamic development, which meant that citizens were able to use their own personnel skills and link this up to the opportunities which were available. With this behind us, we managed to the top of the rankings.

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